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sansa stark is better than u (◡‿◡✿)

revenge tragedies are hella rad and titus andronicus turns me on


a l a r b u s

→ watching: orphan black, ouat & broad city
→ (re)reading: a dance with dragons
→ listening to: haim, bastille, arctic monkeys, lana del rey
→ missing: community
→ waiting for: elementary s3 and broad city s2

d e m e t r i u s

c h i r o n

twelve o’clock. / along the reaches of the street / held in a lunar synthesis / whispering lunar incantations ☾

your broken lips whisper smoke and roses

in the stone blue dawn gunshots echo through the mist

so I just got my class lists for this year and yeah I just stalked all the guys on there - a grand total of 9!! 9 boys out of all my classes - and basically there’s a total lack of cute dick in my upcoming academic life

jolie-laide [jol-ee-led]
(idiom) Only the French would have such a way to describe beauty. A wonderful slang expression, it literally means “pretty and ugly” but describes the type of feminine beauty that is human, and not manufactured by plastic surgeons. It’s a kind of fascinating quirkiness implying charisma, a face you want to keep looking at, even if  you can’t decide whether it is beautiful or not. (via lostwithmargaret)

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ends tonight!

sooo my sister and i can’t remember any fads of 2014… like, harlem shake or….??? idek basically wHAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR

no for real though can u guys remember fads of this year??