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sansa stark is better than u (◡‿◡✿)

revenge tragedies are hella rad and titus andronicus turns me on


a l a r b u s

→ watching: orphan black, ouat & broad city
→ (re)reading: a dance with dragons
→ listening to: haim, bastille, arctic monkeys, lana del rey
→ missing: community
→ waiting for: elementary s3 and broad city s2

d e m e t r i u s

c h i r o n

twelve o’clock. / along the reaches of the street / held in a lunar synthesis / whispering lunar incantations ☾

your broken lips whisper smoke and roses

in the stone blue dawn gunshots echo through the mist

my self esteem is so low that even when a guy does like me i think it’s like a trick or a joke or a bet or something

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god i’m so scared of people who honestly don’t support gender equality i’m so scared of people in comment sections who swear and curse and make threats and rape jokes and manage, somehow, to miss the point entirely; that this is a real fight, a real problem, that real people are affected by every single second of every single day of their lives

it’s easy to close the tab and turn off the laptop or whatever but those people are real. those people exist. they’re out there and they vehemently do not support our safety, security, or livelihood. they aggressively disagree, they actively hate and seek out people to hurt and ridicule

what is their endgame? what is their goal? why are they so passionate about fighting against those who fight for equality?

it makes me so angry and so sad and so scared.