t a m o r a

natalia. xx. actor.
i blog about shakespeare and sebastian stan.

sansa stark is better than u (◡‿◡✿)

revenge tragedies are hella rad and titus andronicus turns me on


a l a r b u s

→ watching: orphan black, ouat & broad city
→ (re)reading: a dance with dragons
→ listening to: haim, bastille, arctic monkeys, lana del rey
→ missing: community
→ waiting for: elementary s3 and broad city s2

d e m e t r i u s

c h i r o n

twelve o’clock. / along the reaches of the street / held in a lunar synthesis / whispering lunar incantations ☾

your broken lips whisper smoke and roses

in the stone blue dawn gunshots echo through the mist

O and finally, I can’t believe it’s the first of October

and added bonus I have no one to go to for ‘guy’ advice

so i spend 90% of my time worrying that i’m not pretty enough for guys to like me and now i think one does i’m worried that he only likes me because i’m pretty and doesn’t actually want to know me at all

sometimes i wish i lived in a lana del rey song like who doesn’t want to perpetually wear flowers in their hair and hold hands with pretty boys in the dark and make older men fall in love with them

yes but should i change my url to shaksfeare for october/halloween?